Another Brazilian title

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I had a couple of ideas for funny titles today:

Tim Howard’s no Tony Meola

We had it all along

Who needs left-backs?

Prelude to Citizenship (I’m Brazilian in the process of becoming a US citizen)

To be fair some of those titles are a semi-final and final twofer.

On to serious business though.  The USA were up 2×0 against Brazil in a final.  Brazil came back and won 3×2.  Either team would have been a deserving winner.  Both coaches were under pressure before the tournament and remain somewhat unpopular but have produced solid results.

Dunga has won both tournaments Brazil has played since he took over (Copa America 2007, Confederations Cup 2009) and has Brazil in first place in qualifying with 4 games to go.  He has also seen Brazil struggle to score in some entirely unacceptable situations (at home vs. Bolivia for example) but seen Brazil always score against big opposition and recently seen Brazil score even against tough defenses.

More importantly, he’s done well to introduce new midfielders this year and that has helped tremendously.  The big question remains: with Gilberto Silva clearly the weak link in midfield game in and game out, will Dunga drop the veteran before the World Cup?  I’ll offer a summary of which positions are still open and what might or should happen if Ronaldinho is called up in a separate post.

For now, the USA deserves some attention here.  They came out well and attacked effectively early in the game.  Spector puts in some brilliant crosses and in this particular game he found Dempsey for an early goal.  The couterattack for the second goal was a thing of beauty and the 2×0 lead was deserved and well-earned.  Donovan, Howard and DeMerit were again huge today.  It’s hard to measure the second half performance though.  The first Brazil goal came so quickly it’s hard to know how they were planning on coming out and whether they managed to stick to their plan.  They had moments of possession but they needed more in order to win.  Their substitutions did not keep possession and that’s enough to conclude that they were the wrong choices.

It’s strange seeing your second team beating your first team.  No, I wouldn’t be happy with Brazil losing and yes, I was happy that we won, but there was still an emotional negative from this game.  Not much of a negative to be sure considering the USA played so well and made its fans, including myself – the Brazilian-soon-to-be-American-who-will-always-follow-the-USA-but-always-keep-Brazil-first, made its fans proud.


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